You can make your reservation via the options below:


  • Book online via our website
  • Visit our offices located in Brisbane – Australia (22/69 Ann street, Brisbane city)
  • Call us directly to speak to one of our experienced agents: +61435464052

Can I make changes or cancel my reservation?

To request any changes or to cancel your trip, you must contact us at least 30 days prior to your tour start date. Please keep in mind that changes are not always possible and any request is subject to authorisation by the company. The fees of the changes and cancellations requested vary depending on the hotels and tour operators. We will inform you by email, phone or sms once your request is approved/denied.

Are vaccines required?

There is no vaccine required according to migration. However, Homeworld Travel travellers are required to have the yellow fever vaccine. This vaccine should be given at least 10 days before travelling to Colombia.

Do I need Visa?

Most travelers are granted 90 days from the time they enter Colombia. Remember that your passport must have six months of validity after the date of entry. Do you have a stopover in the United States? You need a visa! (www.esta.us) Also make sure you have your return airfare ticket before entering Colombia.

What to pack?

 The Colombian climate can vary greatly, with warm and cool zones across the region. It’s a good idea to check the expected temperatures for your travel areas before you leave so you are prepared. Bring your student ID card to Colombia. Student discounts apply at different events, restaurants and attractions. In Colombia the voltage is 110v and frequency 60hz.

What will my travel insurance cover?

Your health insurance will be covered by April health insurance. If you would like further information about the health insurance package our friendly staff can provide any information you need. https://global.april-international.com/en You will be covered from the moment that you depart Australia. You will have a world-renowned medical assistance card This has the following services: Telephone medical orientation «Tele Doctor 24h» Medical expenses for accident of USD 60,000 Medical expenses for pre-existing sickness of USD 60,000 Emergency expenses for chronic or pre-existing USD 1,000 Prescription drugs Urgent dentistry for 500 USD Healthcare copayment USD 50 Health transfer and / or sanitary repatriation of USD 60,000 Funeral repatriation of USD 60,000 Transfer to hospital center $ 800 convalescence hotel expense Return trip due to the death of a first degree relative Accompaniment of minors Delay in the delivery of luggage on commercial airline up to 400 USD Compensation for loss of luggage on commercial airline of 1,200 USD Guidance in case of lost documents or luggage Cancellation of travel due to force majeure Legal assistance for a traffic accident of USD 15,000 Transfer of funds for legal deposit of USD 20,000

Are flights included?

All flights and transportation within Colombia are included. International connection flights are not included and will need to be purchased separately. One of our friendly staff can help you with this if required.

Will I be with a guide in colombia during my stay?

Yes, during the stay in Colombia depending on the plan you choose you will always have the help of a bilingual guide. This guide will help you answer your questions and explain a little about each destination.

Is it possible to only book accommodation?

Yes, we have varying types of accommodation across Colombia, including hotels, hostels, ecohabs, airbnb, family homes, etc.

Can I customise my itinerary?

Yes, you can customize your tour package according to your interests and budget.

What should I keep in mind during my stay in colombia?

It is important to keep in mind the following: Take care of your personal things just as you would whenever you are travelling Always have some cash because some places do not accept card payments Follow the recommendations provided by your guide

Do you do custom trips?

Indeed we do, as long as you’re booking with a minimum of 5 people who are all traveling together and booking at the same time. All Custom Groups have exclusive use of a Homeworld exclusive guide and Driver. If you have a group of 10 people or more, the 11th client will be free